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University of Cambridge

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Research description

I work in large area electronics and MEMS devices, with a particular focus on acoustic wave devices using thin film piezoelectrics. There are two applications of these. Surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices can be used to make microfluidic pumps without any moving parts, where a force acting on a fluid is provided by an acoustic wave. Film bulk acoustic resonator (FBAR) devices are small-scale gravimetric sensors which are capable of edecting mass changes on their surface down to 1 fg in mass. With selective functionalisation of the surface (typically 100×100 µm in area) it is possible to detect specific biological molecules.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Urological Malignancies Virtual Institute

Surface acoustic waves Film bulk acoustic resonators Micropumps Gravimetric sensors

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Key publications

A.J. Flewitt, J.K. Luo, Y.Q. Fu, L. Garcia-Gancedo, X.Y. Du, J.R. Lu, X.B. Zhao, E. Iborra, M. Ramos and W.I. Milne, 'ZnO based SAW and FBAR devices for bio-sensing applications', J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., 222, 209-216 (2015) L. García-Gancedo, J. Pedrós, E. Iborra, M. Clement, X.B. Zhao, J. Olivares, J. Capilla, J.K. Luo, J.R. Lu, W.I. Milne and A.J. Flewitt, 'Direct comparison of the gravimetric responsivities of ZnO-based FBARs and SMRs', Sens. Act. B, 183, 136-143 (2013) L. Garcia-Gancedo, J. Pedros, X. Zhao, G.M. Ashley, A.J. Flewitt, W.I. Milne, C.J.B. Ford, J.R. Lu and J.K. Luo, 'Dual-mode thin film bulk acoustic wave resonators for gravimetric sensing with temperature compensation', Biosens. Bioelectron., 38, 369-374 (2012)