Dr Andrew Gill

University of Cambridge
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust
Royal Papworth Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

University departments
Department of Radiology
NHS or other affiliations
Clinical Scientist at CUH NHS Foundation Trust

Position: Research Associate
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Research description

I work in the hyperpolarized-13C imaging group in the Department of Radiology and apply computational methods to the analysis of MR images of tumours. I have in the past specialised in pharmacokinetic modelling of DCE-MRI data. My more recent work involves implementation of image registration techniques for the correlation of histology slide content with MR data.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Advanced Cancer Imaging
Methods and technologies
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Recent publications:
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Key publications

[1] F. A. Gallagher, H. Sladen, M. I. Kettunen, E. M. Serrao,T. B. Rodrigues, A. Wright, A. B. Gill, S. McGuire, T. C. Booth, J. Boren, A. McIntyre, J. L. Miller, S-H. Lee, D. Honess, S. E. Day, D-E. Hu, W. J. Howat, A. L. Harris, and K. M. Brindle Carbonic Anhydrase Activity Monitored In Vivo by Hyperpolarized 13C-Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy Demonstrates Its Importance for pH Regulation in Tumors Cancer Research, 75:4109-4118, 2015  
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[3] A. B. Gill, R. T. Black, A. N. Priest, D. J. Bowden, M. J. Graves, and D. J. Lomas. The effect of temporal resolution on the analysis of hepatic DCE-MRI data. Phys Med Biol 59:3187 2014.
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[5] A. J. Degnan, V. E. Young, T. Y. Tang, A. B. Gill, M. J. Graves, J. H. Gillard, and A. J. Patterson. Ex-vivo study of carotid endarterectomy specimens: quantitative relaxation times within atherosclerotic plaque tissues. Magn Reson Imaging, 30(7):1017-21, 2012.
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[8] M. A. Horsfield, J. S. Thornton, A. Gill, H. R. Jager, A. N. Priest, and B. Morgan. A functional form for injected MRI Gd-chelate contrast agent concentration incorporating recirculation, extravasation and excretion. Phys Med Biol, 54(9):2933-49, 2009.