Mr Asif Jah

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

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Pancreatic Cancer Centre

Position: Clinical Consultant
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Asif Jah works at Cambridge University Hospital as a consultant surgeon in hepato-pancreatico-biliary (HPB) and transplant surgery. After graduating and obtaining MS from Lucknow, India he moved to UK in 1998. He has received surgical training at centres in Liverpool and London and acquired specialist training in HPB and transplant surgery at Cambridge University Hospital, Cambridge. He was appointed as consultant surgeon in 2008. Mr Jah is the Lead clinician in HPB surgery and Associate Lecturer at Cambridge University. Besides performing major cancer resections and organ transplants, he has made significant contributions to the specialist service development at Cambridge which includes advanced laparoscopic pancreatic resections, highly specialised regional service for surgery of pancreatitis and day-case laparoscopic cholecystectomy service. He has been appointed as Royal College Surgical Tutor, teaches on various professional courses and is leading several clinical research projects.

Research Programme
Pancreatic Cancer
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