Dr Richard Benson

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

University departments
Department of Oncology

Position: Clinical Consultant
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Research description

Interests based around improving radiotherapy and chemoradiotherapy in head and neck and urological cancers, develpoing technical radiotherapy and evaluating treatment related toxicity.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Urological Malignancies Virtual Institute

Key publications

Rimmer YL, Burnet NG, Routsis DS, Twyman N, Hoole AC, Treeby J, Welford D, Fairfoul J, 'Aho T, Vowler SL, Benson RJ (2008). Practical issues in the implementation of image-guided radiotherapy for the treatment of prostate cancer within a UK department. Clin Oncol. 20(1):22-30. Houghton F, Benson RJ, Tudor GS, Fairfoul J, Gemmill J, Dean JC, Routsis DS, Jefferies SJ, Burnet NG (2009). An assessment of action levels in imaging strategies in head and neck cancer using TomoTherapy. Are our margins adequate in the absence of image guidance? Clin Oncol. 21(9):720-7 Loo H, Fairfoul J, Chakrabarti A, Dean JC, Benson RJ, Jefferies SJ, Burnet NG (2011). Tumour shrinkage and contour change during radiotherapy increase the dose to organs at risk but not the target volumes for head and neck cancer patients treated on the TomoTherapy HiArt? system. Clin Oncol. 23(1):40-7.