Dr Basma Greef

University departments
Department of Medicine

Position: PhD student
Personal home page: https://www.med.cam.ac.uk/ashcroft/

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Research description

Supervisor Prof Margaret Ashcroft. Disruption of hypoxia response pathways in renal cancer and how these can be harnessed to develop new treatments. My other interests include clinical trials and the effective management of toxicities related to widely used treatments in renal cancer.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Urological Malignancies Virtual Institute
Methods and technologies
Cell culture
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Key publications

Greef, B and Eisen T. Medical Treatment of Renal Cancer: New horizons. . BJC (2016), 115:505-516

Little MA, Greef B, Jacques S et al. Renal Transplantation in Systemic Vasculitis: When is it safe? NDT (2009), 24:3219-3225

Ferraro AJ, Hassan B, Savage CO. Pathogenic mechanisms of anti-neutrophil cytoplasm antibody-associated vasculitis. Expert Reviews Clin Immunol (2007), 3:543-55