Dr Camilo Colaco


NHS or other affiliations

Position: Head of Department
Personal home page: http://www.immunobiology.co.uk

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Research description

Developing cancer therapy as opposed to research. Autologous tumour-dendritic cell fusion hybrids for cancer therapy

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Cancer Immunology

Key publications

Colaco C.A.L.S. Dendritic cell approaches to cancer immunotherapy. In Cancer Vaccines ? Strategies, prospects and realities of immune intervention (Eds. P. Stern, M.C. Carroll & P.C.L. Beverley). Cambridge University Press. Cambridge (2000). Chapter 11, p237-255. Colaco C.A.L.S. DC-tumour fusions: every which way but allo2. Immunol.Today (2002) 23, 521-522. Colaco C.A.L.S. Heat shock receptor debate hots up. Immunol.Today (2002) 23, 589. Colaco C.A.L.S. Cancer Immunotherapy, simply cell biology. Molecular Medicine Today (2003). 12, 515-516.