Dr Pippa Corrie

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

University departments
Department of Oncology

Position: Clinical Consultant
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Email:   philippa.corrie@nhs.net

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Dr Pippa Corrie is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

My research is based on improving outcomes for patients with chemoresistant cancers. I am chief investigator of the national adjuvant melanoma phase 3 trial, collaborating with Mark Middleton, Oxford, who leads associated translational studies focusing on angiogenesis predictive and prognostic biomarkers. Locally, am collaborating with Ultan McDermott, studying gene sequencing in melanoma tissue taken from patients receing molecular targeted therapies, to identify molecular response and resistance mechanisms. I work with Duncan Jodrell and Bristi Basu in the pancreatic experimental therapeutics programme.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Pancreatic Cancer

Key publications

N Cook, B Basu, S Biswas..PG Corrie. A phase 2 study of vatalanib in metastatic melanoma patients. Eur J Cancer 2010; 46:2671-3. T Eisen, R Marais, A Affolter, P Lorigan, C Robert, P Corrie..ME Gore. Sorafenib and dacarbazine as first-line therapy for advanced melanoma: a phase I and open-label phase II studies. Br J Cancer 2011; 10: 353-359. PG Corrie, AM Moody, G Armstrong, S Nolasco, S Lao-Sirieix, L Bavister, AT Prevost, R Parker, R Sabes-Figuera, P McCrone, H Balsdon, K McKinnon, A Hounsell, B O?Sullivan, SIG Barclay. Is community treatment best? A randomised trial comparing delivery of cancer treatment in the hospital, home and GP surgery. Br J Cancer 2013; (accepted) AMM Eggermont, S Suciu, P Rutkowski, J Marsden, M Santinami, P Corrie..A Spatz. Adjuvant Ganglioside GM2-KLH-QS21 Vaccination vs Observation after Resection of the Primary >1.5 mm in Stage II Melanoma Patients: Results of the EORTC 18961 Randomised Phase 3 Trial. J Clin Oncol 2013 (accepted). E Liniker, M Harrison, JMJ Weaver, N Agrawal, A Chhabra, V Kingshott, S Bailey, TGG Eisen, PG Corrie. Treatment costs associated with interventional cancer clinical trials conducted at a single UK institution over 2 years (2009-10). Br J Cancer 2013 (accepted).