Professor Chris Rodgers

University of Cambridge

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Department of Clinical Neuroscience

Position: Professor
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Research description

I lead Cambridge's ultra-high field human MRI lab. My group is based at the Wolfson Brain Imaging Centre which has a Siemens 7T Terra MRI scanner. Our research focus is on developing new ultra-high field MRI methods and translating them into clinical research and ultimately for patient benefit. We are actively working on new methods parallel transmit neuroimaging which is an emerging technology to solve the challenges of image homogeneity and energy deposition in ultra-high field MRI. We are also developing metabolic imaging methods based on deuterium metabolic imaging and phosphorus metabolic imaging for applications in the brain, heart and liver. I am Coordinator of the UK7T Network and actively involved in the new 11.7T National MRI Facility that has been awarded £30m funding from UKRI.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Advanced Cancer Imaging
Secondary Programme
Not applicable
Methods and technologies
Clinical trials
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Tumour type interests
Brain and central nervous system
ultra-high field MRI
MRI physics
11.7T MRI
parallel transmit
metabolic imaging
deuterium metabolic imaging
phosphorus spectroscopy
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This gradient coil is a key component of our 7T Terra MRI scanner.