Professor David Rubinsztein

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Department of Medical Genetics
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Cambridge Institute for Medical Research

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Fundamental Biology of Cancer
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Cell culture
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Key publications

VI Korolchuk, S Saiki, M Lichtenberg, FH Siddiqi, EA Roberts, S Imarisio, L Jahreiss, S Sarkar, M Futter, FM Menzies, CJ O’Kane, V Deretic and DC Rubinsztein (2011) Lysosomal positioning coordinates cellular nutrient responses. Nature Cell Biology 13:453-460

S Sarkar, VI Korolchuk, M Renna, S Imarisio, A Fleming, A Williams, M Garcia-Arencibia, C Rose, S Luo, BR Underwood, G Kroemer, CJ O’Kane, and DC Rubinsztein (2011) Complex inhibitory effects of nitric oxide on autophagy. Molecular Cell 43:19-32

K Moreau, B Ravikumar, M Renna, C Puri, and DC Rubinsztein (2011) Autophagosome precursor maturation requires homotypic fusion. Cell 146:303-317

S Luo, M Garcia-Arencibia, R Zhao, C Puri, PPC Toh, O Sadiq and DC Rubinsztein (2012) Bim inhibits autophagy by recruiting Beclin 1 to microtubules. Molecular Cell 47:359-370

C Puri, M Renna, C Figueira Bento, K Moreau and DC Rubinsztein (2013) Diverse autophagosome membrane sources coalesce in recycling endosomes. Cell 154: 1285-1299

M Vicinanza, VI Korolchuk, A Ashkenazi, C Puri, FM Menzies, JH Clarke, DC Rubinsztein (2015) PI(5)P regulates autophagosome biogenesis. Molecular Cell 57:219-234.

A Ashkenazi, CF Bento, T Ricketts, M Vicinanza, F Siddiqi, M Pavel, F Squitieri, MC Hardenberg, S Imarisio, FM Menzies & DC Rubinsztein (2017) Polyglutamine tracts regulate beclin 1-dependent autophagy. Nature 545:108-111