Dr Anna Git

University of Cambridge
Department of Biochemistry
CRUK Cambridge Institute

Position: SRA Group leader
Personal home page: http://www.cambridgecancercentre.org.uk/users/anna-git

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Research description

Non coding RNAs in breast cancer

Research Programme
Breast Cancer
Methods and technologies
Cell culture
DNA sequencing
Gene expression profiling
In situ hybridization
Protein purification
Recombinant protein expression
Tumour type interests

Key publications

Goldgraben M.A., Roslin R., Rueda O.M., Caldas C. and Git A. (2016) Double-stranded microRNA mimics can induce length- and passenger strand-dependent effects in a cell type-specific manner. RNA 22(2):193-203
Dvinge H, Git A, et al (2013) The shaping and functional consequences of the microRNA landscape in breast cancer. Nature 497(7449): 378
Git A, Dvinge H, Salmon-Divon M, et al (2010), Systematic comparison of microarray profiling, real-time PCR, and next-generation sequencing technologies for measuring differential microRNA expression. RNA 16(5):991
Git A, Spiteri I et al. (2008), PMC42, a breast progenitor cancer cell line, has normal-like mRNA and microRNA transcriptomes, Breast Cancer Research 10:R54