Dr David Sargan

University of Cambridge

University departments
Department of Veterinary Medicine

Position: Senior Lecturer
Personal home page: http://www.vet.cam.ac.uk/research/genetics/

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Dr David Sargan is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

My lab is using genomic mapping techniques to identify genes associated with breed specific predispositions to particular cancers in dogs. Current projects are histiocytic sarcoma in flat coated retrievers, splenic haemangisosarcoma in German shepherd dogs and adenocarcinoma in cocker spaniels. We are also applying cytogenetic analyses to the same tumours.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Early Cancer Institute
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Key publications

Sargan DR, Aguirre-Hernandez J, Galibert F and Ostrander EO. (2007) An extended microsatellite set for linkage mapping in the domestic dog. J Heredity 98:221-31 Sargan DR, Milne BS, Aguirre Hernandez J, O?Brien PCM, Malcolm A Ferguson-Smith MA, Tess Hoather T and Dobson JM (2005) Chromosome rearrangements in canine fibrosarcomas. J Heredity 96:766-773 Milne BS, Hoather T, O?Brien PCM, Yang F, Ferguson-Smith MA, Dobson J, Sargan DR (2004) Karyotype of canine soft tissue sarcomas: a multi-colour, multi-species approach to canine chromosome painting. Chromosome Res. 12:825-835