Professor Tim Eisen

University of Cambridge
Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

University departments
Department of Oncology

Position: Professor
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Research description

I am a clinical trialist interested in developing new treatments for advanced disease, identifying and managing those at risk of disease. My current clinical interests are the research and management of kidney cancer. In kidney cancer I have been particularly involved in the development of tyrosine kinase inhibitors as therapeutic agents.

I am currently on 5 years partial leave of absence to work in AstraZeneca, where I am currently responsible for oncology trials from first in man to Phase II.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Urological Malignancies Virtual Institute
Methods and technologies
Clinical trials
Tumour type interests
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Key publications

*Escudier B, Eisen T, Stadler WM, Szczylik C, Oudard S, Siebels M, Negrier S, Chevreau C, Solska E, Desai AA, Rolland F, Demkow T, Hutson TE, Gore M, Freeman S, Schwartz B, Shan M, Simantov R, Bukowski RM: TARGET Study Group. Sorafenib in advanced clear-cell renal-cell carcinoma. N Engl J Med. 2007 Jan 11;356(2): 125-34 *Eisen T, Ahmad T, Flaherty KT, Gore M, Kaye S, Marais R, Gibbens I, Hackett S, James M, Schuchter LM, Nathanson KL, Xia C, Simantov R, Schwartz B, Poulin-Costello M, O'Dwyer PJ, Ratain MJ. Sorafenib in advanced melanoma: a Phase II randomised discontinuation trial analysis. Br J Cancer. 2006 Sep 4;95(5):581-6. Amos CI, Wu X, Broderick P, Gorlov IP, Gu J, Eisen T, Dong Q, Zhang Q, Gu X, Vijayakrishnan J, Sullivan K, Matakidou A, Wang Y, Mills G, Doheny K, Tsai YY, Chen WV, Shete S, Spitz MR, Houlston RS. Nat Genet. 2008 May;40(5):616:22