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My current research interests are in evaluating breast Tomosynthesis, non FDG radiotracers in cancer, and breast MRI. I am interested in using imaging to gain a better understanding of tumour physiology. My research is focused on all imaging techniques relating to breast cancer and oncology, and on multimodal imaging of tumour physiology using breast cancer as a model, and using MRI as a breast screening tool. I am interested in new techniques which offer more accurate diagnosis or new insights into the tumour microenvironment. My experience with the health technology assessment board and undertaking assessment of MRI in low back pain, MRI in internal derangement of the knee and endoscopic ultrasound in oesophageal cancer has given me excellent experience in the evaluation of imaging technology. I have assessed the place of computer aided detection in reading screening mammograms. I am currently undertaking secondary research to assess the evidence for mammographic surveillance after breast cancer and am planning a trial in breast Tomosynthesis to gain primary evidence in this area. I am particularly interested in understanding the tumour microenvironment and have used both DCE MRI and FDG PET to monitor changes during neo adjuvant chemotherapy in patients with breast cancer. I am keen to develop predictive and surrogate response biomarkers using these functional imaging tools with the aim of improved targeting of treatment to appropriate patient sub-populations. Our new breast project on the 3T MRI involves rigorous assessment of diffusion weighted imaging and spectroscopy. Our team has applied imaging knowledge gained in breast tumours to cervical, rectal and oesophageal cancers. As lead of the early phase section of the PET research network on behalf of the NCRI I have the opportunity to develop my interest in this area examining new oncological radiotracers which may be valuable as biomarkers for patient care or in drug development.

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Breast Cancer Virtual Institute
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Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
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