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Research description

Movel image analysis and imaging techniques involving CT, MRI and ultrasound. Particularly high resolution imaging of bone from clinical whole-body CT.

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Early Cancer Institute
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Key publications

G. M. Treece and A. H. Gee. Independent measurement of femoral cortical thickness and cortical bone density using clinical CT, Medical Image Analysis, Vol. 20, No. 1, pp. 249-264, January 2015.
Taylor K, O'Keefe S, Britton PD, Treece GM, Housden RJ, Parashar D, Bond S, Sinnatamby R (2011), Ultrasound elastography as an adjuvant to conventional ultrasound in the preoperative assessment of axillary lymph nodes in suspected breast cancer: a pilot study. Clinical Radiology, Vol. 66, No. 11, pp. 1064-1071.
Harris EJ, Symonds-Taylor R, Treece GM, Gee AH, Prager RW, Brabants P, Evans PM (2009). Evaluation of a three-dimensional ultrasound localisation system incorporating probe pressure correction for use in partial breast irradiation. British Journal of Radiology, Vol. 82, no. 982, pp. 839-846.
Cash CJC, Coles CE, Treece GM, Purushotham AD, Britton P, Sinnatamby R, Gee AH, Prager RW (2007), Breast cancers: noninvasive method of preoperative localization with three-dimensional US and surface contour mapping. Radiology, Vol. 245, No. 2, pp. 556-566.

This is a preliminary result showing visualisation of bony lesions by looking for asymmetry in the skeleton: red or blue regions show density differences between the left and right sides.