Dr Helen Robinson

MISSION Therapeutics Ltd

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Position: Team Leader
Personal home page: http://www.missiontherapeutics.com/

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Research description

Discovery and development of novel oncology drugs by inhibiting deubiquitylating enzymes within the DNA damage response, expoliting the concept of synthetic lethality to target tumour but not normal tissues.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Cancer Immunology

Key publications

Chk1 is required for G2/M checkpoint response induced by the catalytic topoisomerase II inhibitor ICRF-193, Robinson HMR, Bratlie-Thoresen S, Brown R, Gillespie DAF, Cell Cycle (2007), 6 (10), 1265-1267 DNA mismatch repair and Chk1 ? dependent centrosome amplification in response to DNA alkylation damage, Robinson HMR, Black EJ, Brown R and Gillespie DAF Cell Cycle (2007), 6 (8), 982-992 (Data selected for front cover of issue) Chk1-dependent slowing of S-phase progression protects DT40 B-lymphoma cells against killing by the nucleoside analogue 5-fluorouracil, Robinson HMR, Jones R, Walker M, Zachos G, Brown R, Cassidy J, Gillespie DAF, Oncogene (2006), 25 (39), 5359-69