Dr Honglin Song

University of Cambridge

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Department of Oncology

Position: Research Associate
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Research description

I am working on genetic susceptibility to the risk of ovarian cancer and clinical outcome after a diagnosis of ovarian cancer. I have led the work of the group in common/rare gene variation and ovarian cancer susceptibility and coordinated our research with Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Ovarian Cancer
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Key publications

1. Pharoah, P. D*., Song, H*., Dicks, E., Intermaggio, M. P., Harrington, P., Baynes, C., . . . Ramus, S. J. (2016). PPM1D Mosaic Truncating Variants in Ovarian Cancer Cases May Be Treatment-Related Somatic Mutations.. J Natl Cancer Inst, 108(3).
2. Ramus, S. J.*, Song, H.*, Dicks, E.*, Tyrer, J. P., Rosenthal, A. N., Intermaggio, M. P., . . . Gayther, S. A. (2015). Germline Mutations in the BRIP1, BARD1, PALB2, and NBN Genes in Women With Ovarian Cancer.. J Natl Cancer Inst, 107(11).
3. Song, H., Dicks, E., Ramus, S. J., Tyrer, J. P., Intermaggio, M. P., Hayward, J., . . . Pharoah, P. D. (2015). Contribution of Germline Mutations in the RAD51B, RAD51C, and RAD51D Genes to Ovarian Cancer in the Population.. J Clin Oncol, 33(26), 2901-2907.
4. Song, H., Cicek, M. S., Dicks, E., Harrington, P., Ramus, S. J., Cunningham, J. M., . . . Pharoah, P. D. (2014). The contribution of deleterious germline mutations in BRCA1, BRCA2 and the mismatch repair genes to ovarian cancer in the population.. Hum Mol Genet, 23(17), 4703-4709.
5. Shen, H.*, Fridley, B. L.*, Song, H.*, Lawrenson, K., Cunningham, J. M., Ramus, S. J., . . . Pearce, C. L. (2013). Epigenetic analysis leads to identification of HNF1B as a subtype-specific susceptibility gene for ovarian cancer.. Nat Commun, 4, 1628.
6. Bolton, K. L., Tyrer, J., Song, H., Ramus, S. J., Notaridou, M., Jones, C., . . . Gayther, S. A. (2010). Common variants at 19p13 are associated with susceptibility to ovarian cancer.. Nat Genet, 42(10), 880-884.
7. Goode, E. L.*, Chenevix-Trench, G.*, Song, H.*, Ramus, S. J.*, Notaridou, M., Lawrenson, K., . . . Ovarian Cancer Association Consortium (OCAC). (2010). A genome-wide association study identifies susceptibility loci for ovarian cancer at 2q31 and 8q24.. Nat Genet, 42(10), 874-879.
8. Song, H., Ramus, S. J., Tyrer, J., Bolton, K. L., Gentry-Maharaj, A., Wozniak, E., . . . Gayther, S. A. (2009). A genome-wide association study identifies a new ovarian cancer susceptibility locus on 9p22.2.. Nat Genet, 41(9), 996-1000.
9. Song, H., Koessler, T., Ahmed, S., Ramus, S. J., Kjaer, S. K., Dicioccio, R. A., . . . Pharoah, P. D. (2008). Association study of prostate cancer susceptibility variants with risks of invasive ovarian, breast, and colorectal cancer.. Cancer Res, 68(21), 8837-8842.
10. Quaye, L., Gayther, S. A., Ramus, S. J., Di Cioccio, R. A., McGuire, V., Hogdall, E., . . . Song, H. (2008). The effects of common genetic variants in oncogenes on ovarian cancer survival. CLIN CANCER RES, 14(18), 5833-5839.