Dr Jane Dobson

University of Cambridge

University departments
Department of Veterinary Medicine

Position: Reader
Personal home page: http://www.vet.cam.uk

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Research description

As a Veterinary Oncologist, I am interested in many aspects of cancer including diagnostic methods and treatment of commonly occuring cancers in animals eg lymphoma and osteosarcoma. Animals cancer patients could provide an excellent model for therapeutic studies of novel agents, a particular area of interest is in strategies for prevention of metastasis. My principle research interest is in soft tissue sarcomas, and the fact that certain soft tissue sarcomas appear more frequent in specific breeds of dog, suggesting an underlying genetic influence. We have shown that flat-coated retrievers are prone to developement of an aggressive histiocytic sarcoma and are investigating the molecular genetics of this disease in the breed.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Paediatric Cancer
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Key publications

Constantino-Casas F., Mayhew D., Hoather T.M. Dobson J.M. The presentation and classification of histiocytic sarcomas in the flat-coated retriever. Veterinary Pathology Vet Pathol May 2011 48: 764-771, Taylor F., Murphy S.,Hoather T., Dobson J., Scase T.. TSLC1 Tumour Suppressor Gene Expression in Canine Mast Cell Tumours Veterinary and Comparative Oncology 8 (4) 263 ? 272, 2010 Sargan D R., Milne B S., Hernandez J A., O? Brien P C M., Ferguson-Smith M A., Hoather T., Dobson J. Chromosome rearrangements in canine fibrosarcomas. Journal of Heredity, 96(7): 766 ? 773, 2005.