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University of Cambridge

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Research description

We are interested in understanding how Estrogen Receptor (ER) transcription contributes to breast cancer cell growth and to response to endocrine therapies. We use genomic and proteomic tools to identify the cis-regulatory regions of the genome used by ER and to identify and characterise the proteins and co-factors that either assist or inhibit ER transcriptional activity. We have recently found that ER binding to chromatin requires a new class of proteins called Pioneer factors. We are characterising the role and properties of Pioneer factors since we believe that these may constitute a mechanism of blocking ER from binding to chromatin; an event that may permit inhibition of ER driven transcription, even in situations where tumours has acquired drug resistance. We are also involved in identifying the molecular mechanisms of action of the breast cancer drug tamoxifen in breast cancer models.

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Breast Cancer Virtual Institute
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Pancreatic Cancer
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Key publications

Mohammed H, Russell, I. A, Stark, R, Rueda, O.M, Hickey, T.E, Tarulli, G.A, Serandour, A.A.A, Birrell, S.N, Burna, A, Saadi, A, Menon, S, Hadfield, J, Pugh, M, Raj, G.V, Brown, G.D, D’Santos, C, Robinson, J.L.L, Silva, G, Launchbury, R Perou, C.M, Stingl, J, Caldas, C, Tilley, W.D and Carroll J.S. Progesterone receptor modulates estrogen receptor- action in breast cancer. Nature, 2015, 523: 313-317

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