Dr Sarah Jefferies

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

University departments
Department of Oncology

Position: Clinical Consultant
Personal home page: http://www.cuh.org.uk/cms/addenbrookes-hospital/services/cancer-services/who-we-are/consultants-and-other-doctors/all-consultants/dr-sarah-jefferies

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Dr Sarah Jefferies is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

Local and National Research - improving complex radiotherapy provision I am a collaborator in an industry-academic-NHS collaboration developing hyperpolarized pyruvate/lactate 13C-MR imaging and spectroscopy a clinical polarizer in the Department of Radiology which will investigate detectiion of treatment response in lymphoma, glioma and breast cancer patients (Kevin Brindle: CRI). I am a collaborator in a study assessing Minkowski Functional analysis and pseudo progression in patients treated for glioblastoma (T Booth, K Brindle; CRI) Collaborator in Gala 5 Study (CRUK grant awarded 2010) and local PI for CNS malignancy, thyroid and head and neck studies

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Brain Cancer Virtual Institute
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Key publications

Guilfoyle MR, Weerakkody RA, Oswal A, Oberg I, Jeffery C, Haynes K, Kullar PJ, Greenberg D, Jefferies SJ, Harris F, Price SJ, Thomson S, Watts C. Implementation of neuro-oncology service reconfiguration in accordance with NICE guidance provides enhanced clinical care for patients with glioblastoma multiforme.Br J Cancer. 2011; 104(12):1810-5 Nutting CM, Morden JP, Harrington KJ, Urbano TG, Bhide SA, Clark C, Miles EA, Miah AB, Newbold K, Tanay M, Adab F, Jefferies SJ, Scrase C, Yap BK, A'Hern RP, Sydenham MA, Emson M, Hall E; PARSPORT trial management group. Parotid-sparing intensity modulated versus conventional radiotherapy in head and neck cancer (PARSPORT): a phase 3 multicentre randomised controlled trial. Lancet Oncol. 2011; 12(2):127-36.. Sanghera P, Rampling R, Haylock B, Jefferies S, McBain C, Rees JH, Soh C, Whittle IR. The Concepts, Diagnosis and Management of Early Imaging Changes after Therapy for Glioblastomas. Clinical Oncology Epub 2011