Dr Joo-Hyeon Lee

University of Cambridge

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Department of Physiology, Development and Neuroscience
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Wellcome Trust MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Position: Group Leader
Personal home page: https://www.stemcells.cam.ac.uk/People/pi/lee

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Research description

What are the regulatory mechanisms that control homeostatic turnover, and how do their perturbation contribute to disease progression? The lung is a very slow cycling organ that is composed of diverse epithelial and stromal cell types, but has capacity to rapidly regenerate new cells after injury. Lee group is trying to understand how stem cells respond to different signals from their local environment and orchestrate the changes in chromatin, transcription, translation, and cellular dynamics in homeostasis and injury repair. We investigate the regulatory networks that need to be turned on and off at the right time and place for stem cells to become activated and generate specialised cell types during regeneration. We are also interested in defining cellular heterogeneity and plasticity during this process. Elucidating the normal process of lung dynamics will provide us a foundation to understand lung diseases and cancer. We couple ex vivo 3D organoid cultures of human and mouse lungs with genetic tools, in vivo transgenic mouse models with lineage tracing techniques, quantitative mathematic modelling of clonal dynamics, and bioinformatics at the single cell level.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Thoracic Cancer
Secondary Programme
Early Cancer Institute
Tumour type interests

lung; stem cell; niche; clonal dynamics; multi-colour lineage-label; organoid

Recent publications:
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Key publications

Ombrato L, Nolan E, Kurelac I, Mavousian A, Bridgeman V, Heinze I, Chakravarty P, Horswell S, Gonzales-Gualda E, Matacchione G, Weston A, Kirkpatrick J, Husain E, Speirs V, Collinson L, Ori A, Lee JH† and Malanchi I† (2019). Metastatic niche labelling reveals tissue parenchyma stem cell features. Nature. 572:603-08.

Lee JH†, Tammela T, Hofree M, Choi J, Marjanovic ND, Han S, Canner DA, Wu K, Paschini M, Bhang DH, Jacks T, Regev A, Kim CF† (2017). Anatomically and functionally distinct lung mesenchymal populations marked by Lgr5 and Lgr6. Cell. 170(6):1149-1163.

Lee JH, Bhang DH, Beede A, Huang TL, Stripp B, Bloch KD, Wagers AJ, Tseng YH, Ryeom S, Kim CF (2014) Lung stem cell differentiation in mice directed by endothelial cells via a BMP4-NFATc1-Thrombospondin-1 axis. Cell. 156(3):440-55.