Dr Kerstin Meyer

Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Position: Principal Staff Scientist, Human Cell Atlas Group
Personal home page: https://www.sanger.ac.uk/person/meyer-kerstin/

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Research description

Genetic Susceptibility to Breast Cancer 1. Functional analysis of predisposition loci: My experiments are aimed at understanding the mechanisms by which breast cancer risk loci contribute to disease risk. This has involved the identification of functional variants and their target genes at key loci.  In particular, we have focussed on the FGFR2 locus and the gene deserts upstream of the MYC and CCND1 oncogenes. In the future we aim to develop techniques that allow genome-wide analysis of risk loci. 2. Using gene networks to inform on cancer risk pathways: Using published gene expression dataset for breast cancer we have derived regulatory network for breast cancer. We have now developed methods using eQTL analysis to map GWAS hits onto these networks and have identified nodes that are enriched for risk hits. This approach will inform on risk pathways and mechanisms. We are now extending our analysis to lung cancer GWAS data. 3. Development of new phenotypic assays to use in epidemiologic studies. We are exploring assays for biological processes related to cancer, such as DNA repair and are collaborating with Zvi Livneh and Tamar Paz-Elizur to carry out epidemiologic studies into the role of DNA repair in lung cancer predisposition.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Early Cancer Institute
protein-DNA interactions: EMSA
functional assays
 Gene expression studies
Computational approaches to examining cancer risk factors
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Key publications

Meyer, K.B, Maia, A-T. O?Reilly, M., Ghoussaini, M., Prathalingam, R., Porter-Gill, P., Ambs, S., Prokunina-Olsson, Carroll, J. Ponder, B.A.J. (2011) PLoS Genetics 7, e1002165. A Functional Variant at a Prostate Cancer Predisposition Locus at 8q24 Is Associated with PVT1 Expression Meyer and Carroll (2012) Nature Genetics 44, 1176-1177. FOXA1 and breast cancer risk. Meyer*, KB, French*, JD, Ghoussaini*, M., Edwards*, SL et al. (2013) Am J Hum Genetics 92: 489-503. Functional Variants at the 11q13 Risk Locus for Breast Cancer Regulate Cyclin D1 Expression through Long-Range Enhancers. (* joint first authors) Fletcher, MNC, Castro MAA, Wang X, Santiago, I, Chin SF, Rueda, O, Caldas C, Ponder BAJ, Markowetz, F and Meyer KB (2013) Nature Comms doi10.1038/ncomms3464. Master regulators of FGFR2 signalling and breast cancer risk. Meyer et al. (2013) Am J Hum Genetics 93, 1046-1060. Fine-Scale Mapping of the FGFR2 Breast Cancer Risk Locus: Putative Functional Variants Differentially Bind FOXA1 and E2F1 Castro, MAA, de Santiago,  I, Campbell, TM, Vaughn, C, Hickey, TE, Ross, E, Markowetz, F, Ponder, BAJ and Meyer, KB (2016) Regulators of genetic risk of breast cancer identified by integrative network analysis.  Nature Genetics doi:10.1038/ng.3458