Dr Konstantinos Tzelepis

University of Cambridge

University departments
Milner Therapeutics Institute
NHS or other affiliations
Wellcome - MRC Cambridge Stem Cell Institute

Position: Group Leader
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Email:   kt404@cam.ac.uk

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Research description

Our group is uncovering epigenetic mechanisms that are implicated in devastating malignancies including acute myeloid leukaemia (AML). Our work has previously identified several novel RNA-binding/modifying proteins that are essential for AML cell survival, including the RNA methyltransferase METTL3 and the splicing kinase SRPK1. Now, the group is investigating the role of RNA modifications and splicing in cancer initiation and maintenance.

Research Programme
Haematological Malignancies
Strategic Resources
The Milner Therapeutics Institute and Consortium
Tumour type interests
Brain and central nervous system
Small intestine

CRISPR Mutagenesis

Genetic Screening

Novel Therapeutics

Technology Development

Key publications
  1. Yankova, Blackaby et al. Small molecule inhibition of METTL3 as a strategy against myeloid leukaemia. Nature 2021 
  2. Orellana et al. METTL1-mediated m7G modification of Arg-TCT tRNA drives oncogenic transformation. Molecular Cell 2021
  3. Mikutis et al. meCLICK-Seq – a substrate-hijacking and RNA degradation strategy for the study of RNA methylation. ACS Central Science 2020