Dr Misha Kapushesky

Genestack Limited

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Genestack Limited

Position: Chief Executive Officer
Personal home page: http://www.linkedin.com/in/mkapushesky

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Research description

Genestack was launched in 2012 with a mission to transform genomics big data computing and application engineering. We were founded by experts in bioinformatics and software architecture from the European Bioinformatics Institute with support from the world?s leading software development tools company JetBrains. Genestack?s team has a wide expertise in bioinformatics, ranging from functional genomics data analysis, algorithm design and data visualization to next-generation sequencing data processing and quality control. We are based in Cambridge, United Kingdom and St. Petersburg, Russia. We are building a universal ecosystem for bioinformatics development, aimed to reduce the chaotic clutter of inefficiency and incompatibility in today?s bioinformatics tools. Genestack's genomics operating system is a platform for developing, running and sharing big genomics datasets and applications, for pharma, biotech and healthcare.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Fundamental Biology of Cancer
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Key publications

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