Professor Masashi Narita

University of Cambridge

University departments
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Position: Professor
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Professor Masashi Narita is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

To understand mechanisms of cellular response to the stresses, such as cellular senescence and apoptosis.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Fundamental Biology of Cancer
Secondary Programme
Pancreatic Cancer
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Key publications

Sadaie M, Salama R, Carroll T, Tomimatsu K, Chandra T, Young AR, Narita M, Pérez-Mancera PA, Bennett DC, Chong H, Kimura H, Narita M. (2013) Redistribution of the Lamin B1 genomic binding profile affects rearrangement of heterochromatic domains and SAHF formation during senescence. Genes Dev, 27: 1800-1808 Chandra T, Kirschner K, Thuret JY, Pope BD, Ryba T, Newman S, Ahmed K, Samarajiwa SA, Salama R, Carroll T, Stark R, Janky R, Narita M, Xue L, Chicas A, Nu?nez S, Janknecht R, Hayashi-Takanaka Y, Wilson MD, Marshall A, Odom DT, Babu MM, Bazett-Jones DP, Tavare? S, Edwards PA, Lowe SW, Kimura H, Gilbert DM, & Narita M. (2012) Independence of Repressive Histone Marks and Chromatin Compaction during Senescent Heterochromatic Layer Formation. Mol Cell, 47: 203-14 Narita M, Young AR, Arakawa S, Samarajiwa SA, Nakashima T, Yoshida S, Hong S, Berry LS, Reichelt S, Ferreira M, Tavare? S, Inoki K, Shimizu S, & Narita M. (2011) Spatial Coupling of mTOR and Autophagy Augments Secretory Phenotypes. Science, 332: 966-70 Young ARJ, Narita M, Ferreira M, Kirschner K, Sadaie S, Darot JFJ, Tavaré S, Arakawa S, Shimizu S, Watt FM & Narita M. (2009) Autophagy mediates the mitotic-senescence transition. Genes Dev. 23: 798-803 Narita M, Narita M, Krizhanovsky V, Nuñez S, Chicas A, Hearn SA, Myers MP, Lowe SW. (2006) The High-Mobility Group A Proteins Promote Heterochromatin Formation and Stabilize Proliferative Arrest during Cellular Senescence. Cell, 126: 503-14 Narita M, Nunez S, Heard E, Narita M, Lin AW, Hearn SA, Spector DL, Hannon GJ, Lowe SW. (2003) Rb-Mediated Heterochromatin Formation and Silencing of E2F Target Genes during Cellular Senescence. Cell, 113: 703-16