Dr Paul Edwards

University of Cambridge

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Department of Pathology
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Hutchison MRC Research Centre

Position: Reader
Personal home page: http://www.path.cam.ac.uk/directory/paul-edwards

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Research description

Chromosome rearrangements (translocations, deletions, inversions and amplifications) and mobile element insertions in breast cancer and oesophageal adenocarcinoma, and their functional effects on genes and the cell

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Breast Cancer Virtual Institute
Methods and technologies
DNA sequencing
In situ hybridization
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Key publications

Howarth, KD, Blood, KA, Ng, BL, Beavis, JC, Chua, Y, Cooke, SL, Raby, S, Ichimura, K, Collins, VP, Carter, NP, Edwards, PAW. Array painting reveals a high frequency of balanced translocations in breast cancer cell lines that break in cancer-relevant genes. Oncogene 2008; 27, 3345
Edwards, PA. Fusion genes and chromosome translocations in the common epithelial cancers. J Pathol 2010;220(2):244-54
Howarth KD,  Pole JCM, Beavis JC, Batty EM, Newman S, Bignell GR, Edwards PAW. Large duplications at reciprocal translocation breakpoints that might be the counterpart of large deletions and could arise from stalled replication bubbles. Genome Research 2011; 21 (4) pp. 525-534
Pole JCM, McCaughan F, Newman S, Howarth KD, Dear PH, Edwards PAW. Single-molecule analysis of genome rearrangements in cancer. Nucleic Acids Res. 2011;39(13):e85.
Schulte I, Batty EM, JCM Pole, KA Blood, S Mo, SL Cooke, C Ng, KL Howe, S-F Chin, JD Brenton, C Caldas, KD Howarth and PAW Edwards. Structural analysis of the genome of breast cancer cell line ZR-75-30 identifies twelve expressed fusion genes. BMC Genomics.2012, 13:719.
Newman S , Howarth KD, Greenman CD, Bignell GR, Tavaré S, Edwards PAW. (2013) The relative timing of mutations in a breast cancer genome. PLoS ONE. 2013;8(6):e64991.
Weaver JM, Ross-Innes CS, Shannon N, Lynch AG, Forshew T, Barbera M, Murtaza M, Ong CA, Lao-Sirieix P, Dunning MJ, Smith L, Smith ML, Anderson CL, Carvalho B, O'Donovan M, Underwood TJ, May AP, Grehan N, Hardwick R, Davies J, Oloumi A, Aparicio S, Caldas C, Eldridge MD, Edwards PA, Rosenfeld N, Tavaré S, Fitzgerald RC, the OCCAMS Consortium. Ordering of mutations in preinvasive disease stages of esophageal carcinogenesis. Nat Genet. 2014; 46, 837-843
Paterson AL, Weaver JM, Eldridge MD, Tavaré S, Fitzgerald RC, Edwards PA, OCCAMs Consortium. Mobile element insertions are frequent in oesophageal adenocarcinomas and can mislead paired-end sequencing analysis . BMC Genomics.2015, 16:473

Chromosomes of a breast cancer cell line by SKY analysis