Dr Andrew Priest

Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

University departments
Department of Radiology

Position: Clinical Scientist
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Research description

MRI and MRS are highly complex, with the flexibility to be applied in many novel situations. My research focusses on developing and applying MR physics to address clinical issues. Current interests include: advanced measurements of diffusion and perfusion applied to various cancers; novel techniques for non-contrast-enhanced MR angiography and venography, applied for example to atherosclerosis or venous thromboembolism.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Advanced Cancer Imaging
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Key publications

Improved Artery-Vein Separation with Acceleration-Dependent Preparation for Non-Contrast-Enhanced MRA, AN Priest, V Taviani, MJ Graves, DJ Lomas, Magn Reson Med 72:699–706 (2014).
Non-contrast-enhanced vascular MR imaging using flow-dependent preparation with subtraction, AN Priest, MJ Graves, DJ Lomas, Magn Reson Med 67:628-637 (2012).
Dynamic Contrast-Enhanced MRI in Ovarian Cancer: Initial Experience at 3 Tesla in Primary and Metastatic Disease, AN Priest, AB Gill, M Kataoka, MA McLean, I Joubert, MJ Graves, JR Griffiths, RAF Crawford, H Earl, JD Brenton, DJ Lomas, E Sala, Magn Reson Med 63:1044-1049 (2010).
Magnetic resonance imaging of the coronary vessel wall at 3 T using an obliquely oriented reinversion slab with adiabatic pulses, AN Priest, PM Bansmann, MG Kaul, A Stork, G Adam, Magn Reson Med 54:1115-1122 (2005).
Method for spatially interleaving two images to halve EPI readout times: Two reduced acquisitions interleaved (TRAIL), AN Priest, DC Carmichael, E De Vita, RJ Ordidge, Magn Reson Med 51:1212-1222 (2004).