Dr Tim Mitchell

Sareum Ltd

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Sareum Ltd

Position: CEO
Personal home page: http://www.sareum.co.uk

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Research description

Sareum is a drug discovery and development company delivering targeted small molecule therapeutics, primarily focusing on cancer.
Sareum works with collaborators that include the Cancer Research Technology Pioneer Fund plus a world-wide network of research providers. Its research pipeline includes a CHK1 kinase programme, developed in collaboration with CRT, the Institute of Cancer Research and the CRT Pioneer Fund. This programme will start Phase 1 clinical trials at the Royal Marsden Hospital in June 2016.
SKIL® (Sareum Kinase Inhibitor Library) is Sareum's drug discovery technology platform that has so far produced the Company's Aurora+FLT3, Aurora+ALK, VEGFR-3, FLT3 & TYK2 kinase cancer and autoimmune disease research programmes. SKIL® can also generate drug research programmes against other kinase targets.

Research Programme
Methods and technologies
Computational modelling
X-ray crystallography
Tumour type interests
kinase inhibitors
medicinal chemistry
molecular design
checkpoint kinase
FLT3 kinase
TYK2 kinase
Aurora kinase

Key publications

Multi-parameter lead optimization to give an oral checkpoint kinase 1 (CHK1) inhibitor clinical candidate: (R)-5-((4-((morpholin-2-ylmethyl)amino)-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyridin-2-yl)amino)pyrazine-2-carbonitrile (CCT245737). JD Osborne, TP Matthews, T McHardy, N Proisy, K-M J Cheung, M Lainchbury, N Brown, MI Walton, PD Eve, KJ Boxall, A Hayes, AT Henley, MR Valenti, AK De Haven Brandon, G Box, Y Jamin, SP Robinson, IM Westwood, RLM van Montfort, PM Leonard, MBAC Lamers, JC Reader, GW Aherne, FI Raynaud, SA Eccles, MD Garrett and I Collins, J. Med. Chem. 2016, Just Accepted Manuscript DOI: 10.1021/acs.jmedchem.5b01938

The clinical development candidate CCT245737 is an orally active CHK1 inhibitor with preclinical activity in RAS mutant NSCLC and Eµ-MYC driven B-cell lymphoma. MI Walton, PD Eve, A Hayes, AT Henley, MR Valenti, AK De Haven Brandon, G Box, KJ Boxall, M Tall, K Swales, TP Matthews, T McHardy, M Lainchbury, J Osborne, JE Hunter, ND Perkins, GW Aherne, JC Reader, FI Raynaud, SA Eccles, I Collins and MD Garrett, Oncotarget 2015, 7(3) 2329-2342

Using X-ray crystallography and molecular modelling to guide the design of small molecule kinase inhibitors