Dr Sarah Bohndiek

University of Cambridge

University departments
Department of Physics
Cancer Research UK Cambridge Institute

Position: Lecturer
Personal home page: http://www.bohndieklab.org/
Email:   Public email address:  seb53@cam.ac.uk

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Dr Sarah Bohndiek is pleased to consider applications from prospective PhD students.

Research description

Our passion is integrating new technological innovations into biomedical imaging that can help to improve our understanding of metabolic (especially oxygen related) processes in disease. We hope to use these findings to improve cancer patient survival, by finding routes to overcome drug resistance and eventually enabling earlier cancer detection. The cancer models we use range from single cells in petri dishes to intact living systems. Our imaging techniques use excitation wavelengths that span the electromagnetic spectrum, with a current focus on the near-infrared.

Research Programme
Early Detection
Secondary Programme
Advanced Cancer Imaging
Methods and technologies
Cell culture
Computational modelling
Confocal microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy
Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)
Tumour type interests
Recent publications:
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Key publications

1. S E Bohndiek, Laura S Sasportas, Steve Machtaler, Jesse V Jokerst, Sharon Hori and Sanjiv S Gambhir (2015) Photoacoustic tomography detects early vessel regression and normalization during ovarian tumor response to the anti-angiogenic therapy Trebananib. J Nucl Med. 56 12 1942-1947.
(Highlighted in a commentary by Prof. Ralph Mason)
2. G S D Gordon, J Joseph, S E Bohndiek and T D Wilkinson (2015) Single-pixel phase-corrected fiber bundle endomicroscopy with lensless focussing capability. J Lightwave Technol. 33 16 3419-3425.
3. S E Bohndiek, S Bodapati, D Van de Sompel, S R Kothapalli and S S Gambhir (2013) Development and application of stable phantoms for the evaluation of photoacoustic imaging instruments. PLoS ONE 8 (9) e75533.
4. S E Bohndiek, A Wagadarikar, C L Zavaleta, D Van De Sompel, E Garai, J V Jokerst, S Yazdanfar and S S Gambhir (2013) A small animal Raman instrument for rapid, wide-area, spectroscopic imaging. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 110 (30) 12408-12413.
5. J Levi, S R Kothapalli, S E Bohndiek, J K Yoon, A Dragulescu-Andrasi, C Nielsen, A Tisma, S Bodapati, G Gowrishankar, X Yan, C T Chan, D Starcevic and S S Gambhir (2013) Molecular photoacoustic imaging of follicular thyroid carcinoma. Clin Cancer Res 19 (6) 1-9.