Mr Shanlin Tong

University of Cambridge

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Department of Pathology

Position: PhD student
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Research description

I am a PhD student funded by Horizon 2020 Marie Curie ITN at Okkenhaug Lab, Department of Pathology, University of Cambridge. 

My research focuses on elucidating the intricate mechanisms of the PI3K signaling pathway and its profound impact on normal B cells and B cell malignancies. B cells are pivotal components of the immune system, responsible for mounting effective immune responses and maintaining immune balance. However, dysregulation of the PI3K pathway in B cells can lead to the development and progression of various B cell malignancies, including lymphomas and leukemias. Employing cutting-edge techniques such as flow cytometry, RNA seq, in vivo animal models and CRISPR screens. My research aims to decipher the PI3K pathway in B cells and identify potential therapeutic targets for improving outcomes in patients with B cell malignancies.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Haematological Malignancies Virtual Institute
Methods and technologies
Cell culture
DNA sequencing
In vivo modelling
Protein biochemistry
Tumour type interests
Non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Cell Signaling
Drug Discovery
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