Professor Tuomas Knowles

University of Cambridge

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Department of Chemistry

Position: Professor
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Research description

We work on the physico-chemical properties and behaviour of biological molecules and soft materials. The research in the group is highly interdisciplinary. Members of the group have a wide range of backgrounds. We used methods from biochemistry, chemistry, chemical engineering and physics, and work in close collaboration with other groups in Cambridge and overseas. We have a particular interest in developing microfluidic platforms for biomolecular studies.

Much of our work has been focused on protein self-assembly. We explore the potential of proteins to generate new types of artificial materials formed from natural and renewable building blocks. In addition to functional assembly, we are also interested in understanding aberrant protein self-assembly that underlies the onset and development of disease states.

Research Programme or Virtual Institute
Early Cancer Institute
Methods and technologies
Atomic force microscopy
Fluorescence microscopy
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