Mr David Yu

University of Cambridge

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Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics
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Cambridge Computational Biology Institute (CCBI)

Position: PhD student
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Research description

Computational and Systems Approaches to Gene Circuits and Networks Controlling Chromosome Segregation and Morphogenesis; Gene Expression Noise and Fluctuations in Mitosis and Embryonic Development; Morphogen Gradients in Mitosis, Embryonic Patterning, Growth Control, and Cell Polarity; Precision and Robustness of Positional Information in Cells; Ultrasensitivity, Bistability, Oscillations, Trigger Waves, Feedback Control and Information Processing in Cellular Signaling Networks; Tissue Homeostasis and Morphogenesis; Self-organization in Cell Biology; Information Theory of Cellular Signaling Networks; Turing's Reaction-Diffusion Model in Cells; Nonlinear Dynamical Systems and Stochastic Processes in Cells; Computational Neuroscience.

Research Programme
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Key publications

1. Exploring the origin of precise and reproducible behaviour of intracellular phosphorylation gradient during cell division. Paper in preparation. 2. Interlinked feedback and feedforward loops buffer noise while maintaining high sensitivity to changes in tension and attachments during chromosome segregation. Paper in preparation. 3. Turing's Reaction-Diffusion Model as a Framework for Understanding Self-organization in Cell Biology: from intracellular gradients during mitosis to morphogen gradients during embryonic patterning. Paper in preparation. 4. Robust Threshold Response of KMN Network Generated by Spatial Segregation of Opposing Mitotic Gradients in Combination with Tension-Dependent Feedback Loops. Paper in preparation. 5. Modeling Spatial Control of Rho GTPases in Cytokinesis. Paper in preparation.