Towards precision medicine: Funding awarded from the Rosetrees Trust for project focussing on patients with myeloid stem cell cancers

Dr Jyoti Nangalia has been awarded funding from the Rosetrees Trust for her project “Towards precision medicine: Integrating personalised prognostic predictions for patients with myeloid stem cell cancers into clinical care.”

Haematological Malignancies programme member Dr Jyoti Nangalia will be working with collaborators across Cambridge, including Co-Investigators Professor Brian Huntly and Dr Anna Godfrey (Department of Haematology and Cambridge University Hospitals) on this project building upon the group’s research in myeloid stem cell cancers. The investigators build upon their previous work and other researchers work that has led to the development of detailed prognostic tools for patients with acute myeloid leukaemia (AML) and myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPN), cancers arising from mutations in haematopoioetic stem cells. These studies have created a ‘knowledge bank’ based on patient data provided about different variables. These data have been used to build models to predict clinical end-points for patients. This project will build on this work and aims to improve these tools and to integrate them into routine patient management pathways with the aim of taking them forward to a clinical trial in the future.

The project has received matched funding from the Rosetrees Trust and the Stem Cells Interdisciplinary Research Centre which will enable the team to develop this research over the next two years with the ultimate aim of benefiting patients through personalised prognostics for these diseases.

The Rosetrees-Cambridge Innovation & Translation Award 2020 is a scheme run by the Rosetrees Trust in collaboration with the University of Cambridge. The scheme is managed by Dr Heike Laman.

30 Jul 2020