Our research highlights from 2019

The Cancer Research UK Cambridge Centre has had an incredibly successful 2019.

We have been awarded over £25M in additional funding from Cancer Research UK, our proactive approach to cancer research is making a real impact on patients, and the achievements of our members have been recognised nationally and internationally.

Just a few of our many highlights over the last year include...

  • Over 1000 patients enrolled on cancer clinical trials
  • The BEST3 trial completed recruitment of 13,000 patients across GP surgeries to assess whether the Cytosponge is an accurate, cost-effective and acceptable test for diagnosing Barrett’s Oesophagus, and the results will be published next year.
  • Over 650 patients have participated in the Personalised Breast Cancer Programme and many have had their treatment changed as a result. The study will open in 4–5 other sites next year.
  • The results of the PERSEPHONE trial were published showing that Trastuzumab treatment can be reduced safely from 12 to 6 months for some breast cancer patients, preventing serious side effects.
  • The IMPORT Low trial – demonstrating that women with low risk breast cancer can be just as effectively treated with partial breast radiotherapy and suffer fewer side effects – has changed practice across the UK and internationally.
  • Predict Prostate was launched in March this year, has already been accessed worldwide over 22,000 times and has been endorsed by NICE.
  • Cambridge has been selected as one of only three UK centres for ZUMA-8, a major international study of CAR-T cells in chronic lymphocytic leukaemia, and one of three second-wave NHSE-commissioned CAR-T centres.
17 Dec 2019